"Michele has been our insurance broker for 15 years. She has been an invaluable help in countless ways. Her expertise has solved difficult issues and helped us to achieve the best coverage regardless of the obstacles in place. She provides an expertise and knowledge that cannot be replaced when confronting difficult situations. Her follow-up in times of need has been constant and productive when we have been unable to help ourselves. She makes herself available to give advice and works for her clients, even when there are no commissions or other monetary return. She
has never in 15 years not been available to help in any way. She provides a support level that goes way beyond selling insurance."
Marvin B., Delray Beach

"Michele has been instrumental in helping my wife and I select the most appropriate healthcare insurance that meets our needs and is cost-effective. I’m not sure how we could have navigated the healthcare maze without her help."
Sam L., Boynton Beach

"My husband recently retired and we both became Medicare-eligible. I don't know how we would have made it through the process of all the decisions for Medicare, supplements and prescription drug coverages without the knowledge and assistance of Michele. She made the process easier by explaining everything in terms that we could understand. She also remains helpful for all of our questions and concerns even after all of the policies were written."
Brenda M., Boca Raton

"I was about to turn 65 in the fall of 2014. I contacted a friend who already was receiving Medicare and also worked for insurance. She referred Michele to me. I had no idea about anything dealing with Medicare. I went to her office and met Michele. She made me feel comfortable and began to explain things to me. We discussed my situation and she recommended a program that would fit my individual needs. I was completely satisfied because there were so many
programs out there. I have now been on that program for over a year and am completely satisfied. I don't know what I would have done without someone like Michele with her expertise, knowledge and ability to relate with the average Joe. This country needs people like Michele who can perform such a task to help people like me. I am grateful I was so lucky."
John E., Lake Worth
“Michele has been our agent for many years. We are so lucky, pleased and happy to have her as our agent.  She has been so helpful to us. We feel comfortable to call her at any time if we have a question regarding our insurance. We could not have gotten a better agent.”
Clarence and Letitia G., Palm Beach Gardens

“We met Michele through A friend of ours who used Michele and were very happy with her. We have had excellent results and are very satisfied with the professionalization and knowledge she brings and personal service she provides. She takes time and is dedicated to her clients. We would not be happy with a non-interested or non-personalized government employee.”
Robert W., Sebring

“I turned 65 and had no idea as to what Medicare was all about. Michele guided me through the entire process and I now have converted over from my job insurance to Medicare using a great supplemental and prescription plan. She is amazing and she is now looking into my job's group plan as well. She is the BEST.”
Danelle D., Greenacres

“Michele has been my agent since 1995. I have had two stem cell transplants for CLL since I have known Michele. She has helped me through so many insurance decisions throughout the years. My transplants and follow-up procedures have taken me from Florida to Boston’s Dana Farber Cancer Institute on a regular basis. She has guided me to choose the right insurance for my medical needs. Over the years I have not only made a lifelong friend but someone I
totally depend on for my health insurance decisions.”
Stephan C., Delray Beach


“Michele has been my agent for 23 years. She has done my health insurance for that entire time. Without her guidance
and expertise, I would not have been able to make the proper decisions for
my family.”
Marc Z., Boynton Beach

“Michele was very helpful to me when it was time for me to sign on to Medicare and select a supplemental insurance.
She went over everything to help me to make the right decision. Since then, I have emailed her multiple times with
various questions and I have given her name to friends who had questions. Her help is very valuable and there were no others out there who were as informative and agreeable as Michele. I still go to her with questions!”
Liz K., Port St. Lucie

“2016 is the first time that I have enrolled in Medicare. Choosing a supplementary Insurance program was completely foreign to me. My employer and son were anxious that I received the best medical coverage possible. It was a massive decision and, only with the expertise and experience of a broker like Michele Malooley, who devoted her time, knowledge and experience to clarify every aspect of Medicare and a supplementary insurance coverage, was I able to
make a decision.”
Rosaminda C., Tequesta

“At a time when my personal life was in upheaval, Michele was my savior. She helped me through the puzzle of what Medicare supplement and Part D insurance were best for me and my husband, who has Parkinson's. I could not have done it without her!”
Rita W., Boca Raton

“Without the help of Michele Malooley, we would have been totally lost in selecting the right company for the best service at the most advantageous price. She worked with us for two hours and gave us the best companies based upon our health and the drugs we needed to take. The government will not care about our needs the way Michele did. We recommended her to all of our friends because of her great service.”
Mark P., Boynton Beach

“I would have never been able to read all the small print and know what and when and how to apply for coverage. Michele explained in a short time what I had to do and she helped in getting correct forms, helped to fill them out and explained everything in detail. I still would not have coverage for drugs nor supplementary insurance by reading stuff that arrived in the mail -- it all just looked like junk mail. I could have not done any of it without Michele's help. It is nice to be able to speak to such a pleasant and knowledgeable person and not wait spending time trying to get Medicare, AARP, UnitedHealthcare, etc. by phone.”
Helen C., Stuart

"Now, one and 1/2 years later, she has been called upon to assist me in navigating the problems that have arisen following a medical emergency that I have endured. It is more important than ever in this new world of insurance nightmares to have an expert (this is what I am convinced Michele is) just a phone call away when the insurance companies and the medical society run you up against a brick wall. I am just thankful that such a position exists in today's world.”
Wendy K., Boynton Beach


"Michele Malooley has been my Insurance Agent for approximately 20 years. I go to no one else, as she has proven that she is exceptionally knowledgeable of the insurance markets, and always guides me to the insurance products that meet my specific needs. She is the "consummate professional"."
James K., Fort Lauderdale

“We recently moved to Florida and had no idea of the health insurance plans that were available to us. We were given Michele's name from friends who have used her services in the past and highly recommended her. She met with us and went over all the options we had as well as explaining what might be the best option for us, both for cost and coverage. She went out of her way and gave us as much time as we needed to go over everything. She helped us
through the process and was always available and responsive when we had questions and had the need to call. If we did not have an agent to speak to, we would have been in a state of confusion regarding which plan to choose. Michele and agents like her are in great need, especially for senior citizens who don't always understand the confusing programs and how to discern which is best for us. We desperately need these agents and they should be able to continue the great job they are doing.”
Alan and Diane S., Delray Beach